Digital-in-Form develops needs-based software solutions to promote and enhance human interaction. Exploit the full potential of what we can offer you to overcome challenges. Shape transformation together interactively and across the board, strengthen transfer, train communication, develop employees and create reciprocity.
Live and breathe communication at an all-new level in day-to-day life and immediately reflect on your own impact in direct discussions with colleagues. Learn from it and improve.

Train communication skills with a comprehensive app – live and interactively.

Strengthen the acceptance of digitalization across the board and manage ongoing digital change naturally and proactively. Leverage empowerment strategically and in a targeted manner, transfer internal decision-making processes throughout the entire company – quickly, directly and effectively. Successfully implement transformation, develop ideas together and quickly adapt to necessary changes.

Use our needs-oriented app in a fast, straightforward and goal-oriented way to integrate the potential of all individuals in interaction with each other.

Conduct training and onboarding easily and efficiently and ensure immediate access to know-how in your day-to-day business. Train employees interactively and communicate content in a needs-oriented manner.

Take full advantage of bundled potential within a single app by designing information platforms and 1:1 technical discussions – in line with your specific needs.


Develop the full potential of employees through goal-oriented interaction.

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